Woman Ejected in Fatal Accident on Louisiana Hwy 594

When Louisiana State Police troopers arrived at an accident scene on Louisiana Highway 594, they found a woman lying on the road. The woman had been thrown from her vehicle during a fatal accident. She was pronounced dead by the Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Office at the scene.

Even though the circumstances of the accident are still being pieced together, police do have a preliminary report. The woman was driving south along Louisiana 594 when another vehicle came up behind her. That second vehicle was unwilling to wait until it was safe to pass and passed the woman’s vehicle illegally.

The driver of that second vehicle was reentering the southbound lane when he somehow miscalculated his position. As the driver steered back into the lane he caught the front end of the other driver’s car with the rear of his own which then sent her out of control. At some point as her vehicle swerved off of the opposite side of the road, smacked into a culvert and flipped over, the driver was ejected. Luckily, the two 11-year-old boys in the vehicle with her only suffered minor injuries.

So far, the only citation given to the second driver has been for illegally passing. Troopers don’t believe that alcohol was a factor, but took toxicology samples as part of the investigation. Even if police end up not filing any additional charges against the second driver, the woman’s family has the right to file a wrongful death claim in connection with this fatal accident. Troopers have taken this opportunity to remind drivers not to be sure they safely execute passing maneuvers and only when it is permissible.