Witness to Deadly Car Wreck Sought by Louisiana State Police

The Louisiana State Police are investigating a head-on collision that occurred on Nov. 27. As part of that investigation, troopers are searching for a woman believed to have witnessed the deadly car wreck. Bystanders at the scene told troopers that the woman made statements to them that could be of interest to police.

Troopers fear that the woman does not live in Louisiana. They hope she shared her observations with someone before departing the area, if she left. Reportedly, the woman was behind one of the two vehicles involved in the crash when it occurred. She stopped for a brief time after the accident, then left the area before the authorities arrived.

Apparently, one of the vehicles involved in the crash drifted into oncoming traffic into the path of the vehicle ahead of the woman troopers are seeking. The drivers of both vehicles suffered serious injuries and were transported to hospitals. The driver of the vehicle in front of the witness succumbed to her injuries despite the efforts of medical personnel. The driver believed to have caused the crash remains in the hospital.

As the investigation into this fatal car wreck continues, the family of the victim may also be interested in whether the unknown witness can shed light on the crash. Bystanders say she made statements regarding the accident’s cause. Those facts could affect any conclusions authorities reach and may also play a vital part in any civil litigation that results from the tragedy. Eyewitness testimony can be valuable in both civil and criminal litigation. If the family files a wrongful death claim, it may help their claim if the woman testifies regarding what she saw that day.