Witness Called Police Before Fatal Accident Occurred

Troopers with the Louisiana State Police thought they were responding to calls regarding a pickup truck being driven recklessly in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10.  However, by the time troopers reached the area, they came upon a fatal accident.  Amazingly, only one person suffered any significant injuries in the crash, though he lost his life.

Callers reported a speeding pickup truck that ran off the road at least twice before it finally careened into the median.  As it hit the median, the bed cover on the back of the pickup flew off.  This caused one vehicle to hit another as the driver attempted to avoid being hit by the flying debris.  Luckily, no one suffered any injuries in that crash.

Meanwhile, the pickup truck continued to rocket toward the westbound lanes of the highway, directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  The two pickup trucks collided head-on.  The driver of the westbound pickup — who was from South Carolina — did not survive the crash.  Louisiana State Police troopers took the driver of the out-of-control vehicle into custody at the scene.  He faces charges of negligent homicide in connection with the other driver’s death, along with charges for driving recklessly without a valid license and not securing the bed cover.

Any evidence gathered by officials to be used in the criminal proceedings may come in handy in a wrongful death claim filed by the victim’s family as a result of the fatal accident that took the life of their loved one.  If they successfully prove that the driver was negligent, the court may award the family damages.  Any monetary restitution may help alleviate the financial burdens placed upon them by his premature death.