Were you Injured in a Truck Accident? Time is of the Essence

Louisiana drivers often find themselves sharing the highways and byways with mammoth 18-wheelers. If one of those large vehicles is involved in a crash, insurers and truck companies are quick to circle the wagons in order to minimize any claims for damages. Therefore, if you were injured in a truck accident, time is of the essence.

The trucking industry is governed by numerous federal regulations. Many accidents involving semi-trucks involve violations of these regulations. Of course, drivers are also required to follow the same traffic regulations that you do. Speeding, alcohol or drugs or distracted driving are all factors in many accidents.

Other factors include driver fatigue. Truck drivers are only allowed to drive for a certain number of hours before they are required to take mandatory rest periods, and as part of this regulation, they are also required to keep a log book. After a crash, it is imperative that the log book is examined.

In other cases, the truck may be overloaded, or the load may not be properly secured. These are just some of the factors that bear consideration. A thorough investigation is often needed in order to establish liability. The injuries suffered in crashes with 18-wheelers are often catastrophic, if not deadly, which often means that the financial impact on the victims is equally catastrophic.

For this reason, trucking companies and insurers will most likely contact their attorneys as quickly as possible. You should also contact an attorney as soon as possible after a truck accident in order to protect your rights and begin an investigation. Proving negligence to a Louisiana court could result in the restitution you need in order to defray the financial impact on your life.