Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common type of repetitive strain injury occurring in today’s workforce. Lake Charles attorney, Claude Devall, has represented numerous clients with carpal tunnel injuries as a result of work-related injuries.

If you have sustained a repetitive stress injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our Lake Charles carpal tunnel syndrome attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your rights.

Carpal Tunnel InjuryCarpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused by a traumatic accident such as a car wreck or offshore injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression of the median nerve at the area of the wrist, that can lead to multiple complications and severe pain following a traumatic injury or work-related cause.

Furthermore, carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly caused by sudden and traumatic injuries causing damage to the nerves in the wrists.

The symptoms should not be ignored. For example, following some car accidents, clients begin to complain of numbness and tingling in their fingers, cramping in their arms, and/or noticing their hands becoming cold due to poor circulation.

If caught early, surgery can sometimes be avoided or prolonged by splinting the wrists, avoiding certain activities and therapy. The surgery, if necessary, is a minor operative procedure that can be done either endoscopic or by open surgery as shown in the diagram. This diagram is of an actual client of the law firm who was injured in a car accident and was forced to undergo the surgery because of the force of the impact.

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If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of an injury, seek treatment as soon as possible. Expenses from the surgery, conservative medical treatment, and loss of work can cost in excess of $25,000 if not addressed properly. If you are experiencing similar problems from an accident, call us at 337-433-2053 or contact our Louisiana law firm online to schedule a free consultation today.