Truck Driver Negligence Leads to Fatality in Louisiana

A serious truck accident in Louisiana recently resulted in the death of a motorcycle driver. Initially, troopers were called in to assist with a report of a stray dog located west of the Whiskey Bay Bridge. Traffic was blocked while animal control and law enforcement removed the animal from the road, but an 18-wheeler driver failed to stop for the traffic. The resulting auto accident snarled traffic and caused the troopers to initiate an accident investigation to determine exactly what happened.

While the dog was being removed from the roadway and traffic was backed up, several miles back the 18-wheeler driver veered into the center of the road. His truck struck three vehicles and the back of a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver was pronounced dead on the scene. No other injuries were reported.

The 18-wheeler driver was charged with reckless operation and negligent homicide. All of the drivers voluntarily submitted breath samples, which showed no alcohol in any of their systems. For this reason, police do not believe that alcohol or any other type of impairment was involved in the auto accident.

The truck driver is facing serious criminal charges for his part in the truck accident. He may also be facing liability claims for the family of the deceased motorcycle driver for his negligent actions. Distracted drivers are a danger on the roadways and can cause serious harm to other motorists. This man’s failure to pay attention caused an extremely serious auto accident in Louisiana and shows that just a few seconds of inattention on the road can cause a lifetime of repercussions.