Truck Accident on I-20 in Louisiana Leaves 1 Dead

The interstates in Louisiana regularly experience traffic delays. These traffic delays can be caused by a myriad number of things, such as weather, construction, an auto accident or a truck accident. Occasionally after traffic has come to a standstill for one event, an accident occurs. Often, these accidents happen because a vehicle comes up on the stopped traffic too quickly and is unable to stop.

That scenario occurred on Interstate 20 west of Gibsland in mid July. Traffic had come to a stop due to a wreck in the eastbound lanes of I-20. A pickup truck had safely come to a stop behind an 18-wheeler when it was struck from behind by a second 18-wheeler that failed to stop in time. The impact was so violent that the pickup truck was crushed between the two tractor-trailers.

When authorities reached the pickup truck, they found the driver deceased at the scene. The Louisiana State Police are trying to identify the victim. It is unknown at this time what citations, if any, will be issued as a result of the accident.

Due to the sheer size and weight of an 18-wheeler, it is not uncommon for a truck accident to cause an incredible amount of damage to a car or pickup truck. However, property loss is only the beginning of the damage. Severe injuries and fatalities are also common when an accident occurs between a commercial trucking vehicle and a standard automobile. In this case, once the family of the victim has been notified, they will be faced with the enormity of this accident. Once the investigation is complete they may move forward with a wrongful death suit against the parties responsible for this tragic accident.