Did You Suffer a Workplace Injury? Third Parties May Be Liable

Men and women who work in construction, industrial settings and Louisiana oilfields have some of the most dangerous jobs. When someone working in these hazardous industries suffers a workplace injury, they often look to workers’ compensation insurance to cover their medical bills, lost wages and other needs. However, there is the possibility that third parties may face claims for financial liability for an injury suffered at work.

Not all of the incidents that cause workplace injuries are true accidents. Defective equipment, poor maintenance and violations of the safety guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration lead to numerous serious and fatal injuries each year. Even though workers’ compensation benefits are available for both injured workers and for the surviving family members of an individual who died in a work-related accident, those benefits may not be enough.

A Louisiana attorney who specializes in both workers’ compensation and third-parties claims regarding workplace accidents can review your case to determine whether litigation against a third party or parties is appropriate. An investigation will be conducted to identify parties who may be at fault for your injuries or the fatal injuries suffered by your loved one. While working to obtain all of the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled, a separate lawsuit may also be filed.

A serious workplace injury can rob you of weeks, months or even years of your life while you attempt to recover from your injuries. A fatal injury can rob a family of a loved one, along with his or her income. During that time, a significant amount of damages may be accumulated, some of which might not be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. If third-party litigation is successful, a monetary judgment for damages sustained due to an on-the job injury may be awarded.