Some Stretches of Road See More Car Accidents Than Others

Many roads and intersections in Louisiana are not well designed and can pose a danger to motorists. In fact, some stretches of road see more car accidents than others. People suffer serious or fatal injuries in these areas on a consistent basis, at least according to local residents.

In one such area, an accident recently occurred at approximately 8:17 a.m. on a Wednesday. A commercial truck and a passenger car collided. Troopers from Louisiana State Police Troop I were not able to confirm how the crash happened.

Locals in the area near Mahogany Driver and Louisiana 749, which is in St. Landry Parish, say that the stretch of road where the vehicles crashed sees more than its share of accidents. The curve there is not deep, but very little shoulder makes that stretch of road unforgiving if a driver makes a mistake. One resident in particular has lived in the area since 1972 and told reporters that many people, including a child and a state trooper, perished on the road.

In this most recent accident, one person died and two other people suffered what were only described as serious injuries. No further details regarding their identities or current conditions were provided at the time of this writing. Until authorities determine which driver was at fault, all of the parties involved, including the family of the deceased individual, would benefit from understanding their rights and responsibilities. As is the case with other car accidents, the party determined to be at fault could be found negligent by a Louisiana court, in which case the party or parties could end up owing damages to the victims.