2019 Hoffoss Devall Problem Solver Scholarship Winner

We are excited to announce the winner of the second annual Hoffoss Devall Problem Solver Scholarship: Madison Theriot 

Name: Madison Theriot

Currently Enrolled (2019): McNeese State University

About Winning: 

“I am a sophomore studying Nursing at McNeese. To win this scholarship to me means to be able to continue my education without the burden of worrying about finances. College is a pretty penny, and school in general is stressful. This scholarship enables me to fully focus on my studies without the extra worries! I hope to graduate from McNeese with a BSN in Nursing in the Fall of 2021 and stay local in Lake Charles and eventually go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.” 

Video & Supporting Essay:

“Every child is entitled to a good education, however, these students that face certain needs at home don’t always receive the education they deserve because of their distracting worries. If I had one million dollars, I would start up an organization that strives to help the less fortunate grade-school students in our area. I would create a “Safe Room” that would provide them with the materials they may not have access to at home. The Safe Room would give access to school clothes, supplies, food, and much more. I think it would be awesome to even be able to supply schools with a washer and dryer to go even further in our efforts to help out our students that may not have access to these luxuries at home. The Safe Room would eliminate the worries of these kids, and give these students the supplies and care they need to focus and learn in school.This organization would need the help of a team. That team would be made up of school principals, teachers, and students. With their help, we would need to locate a room to store the donated items. A trustworthy adult would also need to be designated to oversee the “Safe Room” in each school along with protect the confidentiality of those students seeking help. The one million dollars would go towards starting up the program and buying all of the materials. Once the “Safe Room” is set up, we would encourage donations by peers, which is where the students would come in to play. The students could also help with keeping the Safe Room clean and organized.

I would like to try to solve this problem because I believe that there are many, many students in our area that could use the help, but are too afraid to ask for it. And because of their worries, like how they’re going to afford school supplies or new school pants, it can be hard to focus in school and learn. These students deserve a good education just as much as the next, and shouldn’t have to worry about anything else while in school except homework and test scores. I think that supplying these students with a “Safe Room” would aid them in their success in school and leave them feeling secure as well. A Safe Room for these students would enable them to thrive in school and hopefully dismiss some of their at-home worries and troubles.”