Police Still Searching for Driver in Hit-And-Run Car Wreck

Finding out that a loved one has been involved in an accident is frightening, but that fear can quickly turn into anger if the person responsible failed to stay at the scene and help the victim. A recent accident in Louisiana’s Big Easy has left police searching for the vehicle and the driver responsible. The vehicle responsible for the pedestrian vs. car wreck is believed to be a gray 2002 Toyota compact or perhaps an SUV with four doors.

Police report that the victim’s car was parked. The driver’s side door of his vehicle was open and the 43-year-old man was standing inside it. That is when the unidentified vehicle slammed into him and his truck. That was bad enough, but when the suspect vehicle drove off, it dragged the man with it.

The vehicle dragged the victim approximately 100 feet. The injuries to his limbs, torso and head were severe. His current condition is unknown. New Orleans police do have the front license plate of the vehicle, which appears to be registered in Texas. Reportedly, the vehicle will also have damage across the front passenger side.

Hopefully, the police will locate the vehicle and its driver soon. They are usually successful in doing so. As the victim struggles to recover from the injuries he suffered in the car wreck, medical bills and lost wages add up quickly. This could put substantial financial strain on the victim and his family, in addition to the trauma he has already suffered. Presenting a persuasive personal injury claim before a Louisiana court against the party deemed responsible could result in an award of damages that may help with the financial burdens this horrible incident has produced.