Truck Driver Fatigue

Lake Charles Truck Driver Fatigue Attorneys

Truck drivers are frequently put under pressure by their employers and their own pocketbooks to deliver a high volume of loads in a short amount of time. As a result, they have to cut corners in order to meet the demands — they do not take required breaks, they drive when they are fatigued, and they may even ingest illegal stimulants to try to stay awake. When a tired trucker causes an accident, the results can be catastrophic or deadly.

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Retain Legal Help As Soon As Possible After the Accident

It is critical for you to seek help from an attorney as soon as possible after your 18-wheeler accident. This is because vital evidence — evidence that can be crucial to the outcome of your claim — needs to be preserved. The trucking company will have its insurance company on the scene soon after the accident. It is not uncommon for evidence to become misplaced or somehow get destroyed.

Driver’s Logbooks Are Important to Truck Accident Cases

Truck drivers are required by federal and Louisiana state trucking regulations to keep driver’s logbooks. The logbooks contain records of driving time, required rest breaks, fuel receipts and other pertinent information regarding when a trucker was driving. Falsified logbooks are highly problematic in the trucking industry. Our attorneys partner with experts across many fields, including trucking and accident reconstruction, to determine the actual hours of service. In many cases, it is found that a trucker was driving beyond the hours of service required by law.

In some situations, truck drivers depend on some type of drug to try to stay awake. A truck driver who is under the influence while driving may be grossly negligent. In some cases, we may be able to seek punitive damages in addition to personal injury compensation.

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