Brain Injuries

Lake Charles Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

At the law firm of Hoffoss Devall, we understand that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) has a profound impact on the victim and the whole family. The extent of one’s brain injury is often unknown in the beginning, and a mild concussion can often result in severe disabilities to a victim. Depending on the extent of brain damage, the person may never work again or might require round-the-clock care.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys work to secure full compensation when a brain injury is caused by the negligence of others. We have won many verdicts and settlements for TBI victims throughout Louisiana. If your loved one suffered a concussion or shows other effects of head trauma, call us at 337-433-2053 for a free consultation.

What Can I Expect From My Brain Injury Settlement? 

Experience with Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

We have recovered damages for victims of truck accidents, car and motorcycle accidents, maritime accidents and industrial accidents who will never be the same again because of a brain injury. We strive to capture full compensation for what our clients have endured, for their economic losses, and for all their future medical care needs.

Traumatic brain injury litigation often comes down to the testimony of experts, and many law firms lack the resources to hire these specialists or the knowledge of brain injuries to bring in the right professionals. Hoffoss Devall has developed a network of qualified medical experts from across the country to verify the extent of damage, and our firm has the means to provide the considerable up-front costs.

Our attorneys are involved in various brain injury groups, such as NABIS (North American Brain Injury Society), NBITLA (National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association), and BIALA (Brain Injury Association of Louisiana). We work closely with doctors, rehab specialists, life care planners, and family members to detail the daily challenges and future needs of our client. Our proven trial lawyers are prepared to go to a jury if necessary to win comprehensive compensation for the tough years ahead.

We take care of our clients, helping the victim see the right doctors at the beginning of the case and helping family members with the insurance issues and other aftermath. Arrange a free consultation at our Lake Charles office — call 337-433-2053 or contact us online.