Common Carrier Accidents

Common Carrier Accident

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Common carriers, or businesses that transport people or goods, are entrusted with keeping people safe during transport. As part of their duty, they must exercise a high standard of care for their passengers and adhere to stringent safety regulations. Failure to do so not only creates a risk of accidents and injury, but it also makes the carrier subject to liability should an accident occur.

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What types of transport companies are common carriers? 

Common carriers, often just referred to as carriers, can include both private and public transportation; may travel by land, by air, or by water; and typically stick to a specific, published route. Examples of common carriers in Louisiana include:

  • Airlines
  • Motor carriers, e.g. truck companies
  • Railroads
  • Trains
  • Taxicab companies
  • Bus lines
  • Cruise ships
  • Freight companies
  • Ferry providers

Against whom do I file a claim after an accident involving a carrier?

As with all accidents in Louisiana, the first step in filing a claim for an accident involving a carrier is determining which party is at fault. If the carrier is at fault, injured victims have the right to file a claim against the transportation company or other entity in charge of the fleet.

Note: Carrier operators (e.g., drivers, pilots) are generally immune from personal liability in the case of an accident. As an employer, the company typically assumes liability for all its employees. So, for example, if you were injured in a taxicab accident, you would file a claim against the taxi company, not the driver. (Unless the taxi driver is a self-employed contract worker, in which case you would file with the driver’s insurer.)

Determining liability can be confusing and challenging. There may be multiple parties and insurers involved, as well as municipal, state, and federal guidelines regarding carrier liability that factor into the equation. Furthermore, carriers often employ a team of attorneys to defend against liability claims and deflect financial responsibility. Protect your rights. Call Hoffoss Devall to speak to a lawyer for help identifying which party (or parties) is accountable for your accident and how to best go about pursuing recovery.

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Do I have a valid common carrier accident claim? 

Accident liability is contingent upon negligence, i.e., the party whose careless actions caused the accident is liable for the resulting damages. The law holds common carriers to a very high legal standard of care for their passengers. Passengers pay a fee for their transport, and in exchange, should be able to rely on carriers to take all reasonable steps to ensure their safety.

If a carrier neglects its duty of care and winds up causing you injury, you probably have a valid accident claim for which you can pursue restitution. For example, if the operator of the carrier was speeding, or if the vehicle had a known mechanical problem and the company used it anyway, either party’s actions could be negligence, allowing you to hold it accountable for your losses. This is true if you were injured as a passenger on a carrier or as a third party, e.g., an occupant of another vehicle, a pedestrian, or a bicyclist.

Below are a few examples of carrier negligence that can lead to an accident:

  • Hiring unqualified, inexperienced, or irresponsible operators
  • Failing to warn passengers about a hazard on the vehicles
  • Failing to properly maintain its fleet
  • Failing to comply with safety regulations (e.g., commercial airlines must abide by Federal Aviation Administration regulations, just like bus tour companies must comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations)

How much money can I collect for my carrier accident injuries?

The value of your claim depends on the extent and scope of your injuries. You can pursue damages for all your current and future losses related to your injuries, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages and long-term disability
  • Cost of household services
  • Miscellaneous expenses, such as assistive devices and in-home nursing care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death benefits (for loved ones who were killed in a carrier accident)

CAUTION: There is a time limit of one year to file an accident claim in Louisiana. This time limit is even shorter when the accident involves a carrier owned by a government entity, such as public transit. You may have as little as 60 days to take action or lose your rights to compensation.

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