Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Lake Charles Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

If you paid your insurance premiums for years only to be denied or shortchanged when you filed a claim, the attorneys of Hoffoss Devall, can step in to hold the insurance company to its contractual obligation.

Our Lake Charles law firm has been successful in settling insurance coverage disputes or suing insurers for rejecting legitimate claims. Our Lake Charles bad faith insurance attorneys have prevailed in hurricane damage, third-party injury claims and other insurance claims on behalf of clients throughout Southwest Louisiana.

Claim Rejected by Your Insurance Company?

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Insurance Coverage Problems

Hoffoss Devall primarily handles insurance disputes covering auto insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorists. Louisiana law is very specific when addressing the duties that an insurance company has to the people it insures. If your insurance company fails to promptly investigate your car accident claim and pay you the uninsured motorist monies you are owed, then it will be liable for penalties and attorney fees. Our attorneys have extensive experience in litigating this type of bad faith claim and will ensure that you are protected.

We examine the policy and its exclusions, and counter the insurer’s interpretation. We can usually negotiate a better settlement than the first offer, if not the policy limits.

Claude Devall, a partner of the firm, was appointed as class counsel in a national class-action lawsuit against an insurance company to enforce the payment of benefits owed under supplemental insurance policies. He has secured more than $17 million on behalf of cancer victims for underpayment of their claims.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

If the insurance company denies your claim without investigation or on a minor technicality, unreasonably delays payment, or intentionally offers a low settlement that does not reflect coverage obligations, it can be sued for bad faith.

Filing the lawsuit often spurs the insurer to settle the claim, because if it is found guilty of bad faith by a judge or jury, the insurance company must pay the full claim, plus penalties, attorney fees and damages.

A Representative Case

We took a major insurance carrier to trial over a vehicle property damage claim. Instead of paying the additional $1,800 to fully settle the claim, the insurer was forced to pay our client $24,000 for penalties, our fees and damages for being deprived of the use of the car.

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