Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

A Louisiana man has been arrested in connection with the death of a pedestrian. Police are still attempting to ascertain what the driver, who turns out to be the president of the Livingston Parish School Board, was doing on the rural road at that time of morning. They are also trying to find out why he fled the scene of the auto accident.

As for the victim, reports have indicated that he and another man were arguing when the accident occurred. The victim was driving a truck that belonged to the passenger he was supposedly arguing with. For some reason, the victim stopped the truck and the passenger got out. The driver then drove away, but returned shortly thereafter. He got out of the truck to talk to the passenger when he was struck.

The Louisiana State Police say the victim was in the roadway when he was struck, which is why they have not charged the school board president with negligent homicide. According to the police, the victim is responsible for the accident since the truck was stopped in the roadway. There is also no evidence to indicate that the man was impaired at the time of the accident.

It may not be possible to find the school board president criminally liable for the victim’s death in this auto accident, but his family may still be able to obtain some justice for him in civil court. The burden of proof in civil court is not as stringent as it is in criminal court. Also, an argument could be made that the actions of the driver that hit the victim contributed to his death. This could make that driver at least partly responsible for his death under our state laws regarding wrongful death.