Pedestrian Killed in Fatal Accident Near Lake Charles

Under normal circumstances, walking is considered a safe and relatively fear-free means of transportation. Unfortunately though, what should be a common, simple or everyday occurrence can result in unforeseen tragedy. Case in point, a 23-year-old Louisiana man was killed in a fatal accident last week after being hit by a vehicle near Lake Charles.

The young man was struck at approximately 4 a.m. while strolling northbound on Elliot Road. Investigators have identified the man, and did confirm that he was struck by a vehicle headed southbound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The fatal accident remains under investigation by authorities. However, a spokesperson for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office told reporters that impairment resulting from the use of drugs or alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the man’s death. Nonetheless, as a part of the accident investigation, toxicology tests will be performed on both the crash victim and the driver of the vehicle that struck him.

There is currently no information available on the legal ramifications, if any, the driver of the passing vehicle may face. If the driver is found to be at fault in the collision, he or she could face serious charges. However, regardless of the investigative outcome, the victim’s loved ones will likely be left with more questions than answers. Family members may choose to seek their own answers — and possibly reparation for their loss — through avenues available to them under the umbrella of the law. In cases like this, monetary damages are sometimes sought despite no criminal conviction.