Pedestrian Killed in a Car Wreck in Vernon Parish

Crossing a busy roadway can be a dangerous task for Louisiana residents. Speeding traffic is only one of the concerns when a pedestrian steps into the road. A car wreck can happen when a driver is distracted or impaired, and injuries to a walker can result.

Louisiana police say that a pedestrian was attempting to cross U.S. Highway 171 in Vernon Parish on March 10 when he was struck and killed by a motorist. The 21-year-old victim died at the scene. There was no report of any injuries to the driver in this collision.

An investigation into the car accident continues, and police reportedly suspect that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. No reports as to the blood alcohol level of the driver or any field sobriety tests were initially reported. The driver was arrested at the scene and charged with vehicular homicide. While no other details of the collision were initially reported, the driver will now have to answer the criminal charges.

The surviving family of the deceased man has undoubtedly suffered a great loss, which may affect them both economically and emotionally for years to come. While no amount of money can make up for life tragically lost, the family may be able to make a legal claim to help compensate for the expenses they may now be facing. Damages sought could include funeral expenses, lost wages and lost future income as well as for pain and suffering occasioned by the senseless tragedy. By relieving their financial burden, the family may be able to better focus on comforting one another in their time of sorrow.