Parents File Suit After Daughters Injured in Car Wreck

Two teenage girls went for a ride with a friend back on Aug. 15 of this year. At some point, the trip went horribly wrong, and the three were involved in a car wreck. The girls suffered numerous injuries according to the court documents recently filed in a Louisiana court by each of their parents.

Reportedly, as the three headed down the street, the man behind the wheel of the vehicle began driving erratically. His actions were serious enough for the girls to ask him to stop, but he supposedly refused. He told them he had everything under control, but that proved to be incorrect.

The driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed head-on into a tree. It is claimed that after the crash, the driver left the injured girls at the scene with the wreckage and fled. Police say he filed a false report that the vehicle involved in the accident was stolen, supposedly to intimate that he was not behind the wheel when the crash occurred. Police ultimately arrested him for filing a false report.

Each of the parents contends that his or her daughter suffered injuries to the head, back and knees in the car wreck. It is alleged that these injuries have caused the girls and their families to incur significant damages. In order for the Louisiana court to consider an award for damages such as medical expenses, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life, each family must first provide the court with evidence that proves the driver’s negligence caused or materially contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted.