Neighbors Restrain Driver for Police After Fatal Accident

Three Louisiana teenagers were on their way to school recently when a pickup truck ran them down. Two of them died and one suffered serious injuries. Reports indicate that video footage shot right after the fatal accident may confirm the identity of the driver believed to have been responsible.

The footage shows a man on the ground in the ditch where the pickup truck struck the three teenage girls came to rest. The man in the video repeatedly denies being the driver, but witnesses at the scene say they did not see anyone else in or around the truck at the time of the accident. He also appears to be confused and disoriented.

Apparently, he attempted to walk away from the scene despite the fact that police ordered him to come back. According to witnesses, people in the neighborhood grabbed the man and forcibly restrained him until police arrived. Authorities have released no further details regarding the investigation.

The two girls that died were 14 and 15 years of age. The other girl — who was still hospitalized at last report — is only 13. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash and believe the driver may have been impaired. Toxicology samples were taken to determine whether the man had any alcohol or drugs in his system.

While the investigation into the fatal accident continues, the families of the two deceased girls and the family of the injured victim may file civil claims against the driver. If their claims are successful, a Louisiana court may award damages commonly seen in these types of tragedies. Of course, no amount of financial restitution could bring these girls back to their families or heal the injuries suffered by the third.