Multiple 18-Wheeler Accident Causes Chaos on Louisiana Bridge

It took law enforcement officials and crews from two states to investigate and clean up a crash that occurred on the Louisiana side of a bridge on Interstate 20. During the multiple 18-wheeler accident, a truck carrying sodium hydroxide was rear-ended. The flammable and corrosive liquid began leaking into the river, requiring a response from hazardous material teams.

At first, authorities believed the chemical leaking into the river was chloropropionic acid. The acid is a chemical used in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. It was not until later that officials properly identified the chemical.

The initial accident involved six semi-trucks on the Mississippi River Bridge. Additional collisions occurred afterward. Reports indicate that several vehicles were involved in addition to the trucks. Numerous injuries were reported, but fortunately, no fatalities occurred in any of those accidents.

Louisiana State Police did not reveal whether they know how the initial accident among the semi-trucks happened. It could take some time to sort out the details of not only the initial accident, but also the collisions that subsequently occurred. The nature and extent of the injuries suffered in the crashes were not reported.

In accordance with Louisiana law, many of the injured may be entitled to file personal injury claims seeking damages for the injuries suffered in connection with this 18-wheeler accident. The challenge could be to determine which driver or drivers may be deemed financially responsible. In these cases, police reports could prove useful in seeking to establish liability. If negligence is proved, a civil court may consider an award of damages to cover medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.