Mobile Device May Have Led to Fatal Car Wreck in Louisiana

The Louisiana State Police suspect that a mobile device may have led to a fatal crash in Ascension Parish. The car wreck took place at the intersection of Louisiana Highway 931 and Joe Sevario Road. The accident is still under investigation.

The intersection where the accident took place is governed by a four-way stop. A woman driving south on Joe Sevario Road stopped at the intersection in question before proceeding through it. At the same time, a man was driving west on the highway failed to stop at the intersection, causing him to slam into the woman’s car.

The Louisiana State Police say the woman was properly restrained at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, having her seat belt fastened did not preclude the woman from suffering fatal injuries as a result of the impact. Authorities have taken a toxicology sample from the man to determine whether he was impaired at the time of the accident.

A mobile device was found in his vehicle, and authorities believe the driver may have been distracted when the accident occurred. The driver was taken to the Ascension Parish Jail. He has been charged with negligent homicide in addition to other charges. Depending on the outcome of the official investigation, the man could face further charges.

Even though filing civil action could never repair the damage done to the family by the woman’s death, her family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the other driver. If a civil court determines that the driver’s actions in this car wreck were negligent and that his actions caused or contributed to the death of their loved one, the family may be awarded the costs and damages incurred as a result of her death. Along with any monetary compensation they receive, the family may also feel they have received some sense of justice on behalf of their lost loved one.