Man Suffers an Offshore Injury While Working for Drilling Company

It takes numerous people to run and maintain a drilling operation off the Louisiana coast. Drilling companies employ a myriad of people, including electronics technicians. One of those technicians suffered an offshore injury during the course of his employment with Seadrill Americas Inc.

On Feb. 18, the electronics technician was assigned to the Sevan Louisiana, which is a vessel that is semi-submersible. At some point, the man fell. He claims in the lawsuit he recently filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana that his right shoulder was injured in the fall.

No further information regarding the accident was provided, but the allegations in the lawsuit claim that his employer failed to keep the vessel free from slipping hazards and spills. He further claims that Seadrill did not provide him with a safe working environment and warnings of potential dangers, among other things. The technician also claims that the Sevan Louisiana was not seaworthy, which led to his injuries.

He is asking for damages, such as lost wages (both past and future), mental and physical pain and suffering, and medical expenses. He further claims that he now suffers a permanent disability that will limit his earning capacity and inhibit his enjoyment of life. If the court determines that his employer was negligent and is responsible for his injuries, it may consider awarding him the damages he seeks under the Jones Act. Companies that employ people to work offshore are required to provide for their safety just as any company on land is required to do. When a worker suffers an offshore injury, he or she retains the right to seek restitution for those injuries and the damages incurred as a result.