Louisiana Woman Sustains Head Injury in 2-Car Crash

A two-vehicle accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, left one woman with injuries to her head after the collision caused her to hit a fire hydrant. The auto accident happened at an intersection that at least one resident labeled as “dangerous.” No information was available as to whether or not anyone received a citation in connection with the incident.

The collision happened during the evening hours at the intersection of two local streets. After her vehicle hurtled into the fire hydrant, the woman was reportedly bleeding from her head. Moreover, since the woman suffered a blow to her head, there may be concerns about a traumatic brain injury or even permanent brain damage.

In any accident there may be concerns about damage to the body that could lead to a disability for months or even years to come. In some cases, that disability may be permanent and require ongoing medical expenses. This is a particular concern with regard to head injuries as some damage done to the brain may never heal.

In this case, it may be necessary to reconstruct the auto accident in order to determine the circumstances that led up to it and to assess liability. Whoever is deemed to be the at-fault driver may eventually be held responsible for the medical and other expenses of the victim. This can be done by filing a suit with the appropriate Louisiana court. When a person is injured through no fault of their own and as the result of the carelessness of another party, they do not deserve to have their bodily injury compounded by becoming a financial injury as well.