Louisiana Woman Still Hospitalized After Bicycle Vs. Car Wreck

A Louisiana woman is still in the hospital after having been run down in front of a movie theater in Lafayette. The vehicle that struck the woman in this bicycle vs. car wreck did not remain at the scene. A passerby that came upon the woman after the accident occurred felt that the she was lucky to be alive.

As it is, the woman suffered a broken back, lacerated spleen and broken neck. According to medical personnel, her prognosis is good, but her recovery could be lengthy. For a week, the victim’s daughter contacted the Lafayette Police Department to see whether they located the driver that struck her mother. Authorities have said that the driver involved was given a citation, but no further action will be taken because the two accounts of the accident differ.

According to the victim, she was looking at time for movies when she was hit. The driver of the vehicle says that the woman is in the middle of the road. Police did not say what kind of citation was given to the driver. The woman’s daughter is at a loss to understand how the driver was only given a ticket after putting her mother in the intensive care unit.

In order to try and achieve a sense of justice and closure about the situation, the victim may exercise her right under Louisiana law to file a personal injury claim against the driver that hit her. If she can show a court that the driver was negligent and caused or contributed to her injuries, the court may award her the costs and damages she has incurred and will incur as a result of the injuries she sustained in the car wreck. Her injuries could takes weeks or even months to heal, and costs such as medical bills, physical therapy bills and possibly even lost wages if the woman works will be adding up while she heals.