Louisiana Woman Killed in Rainstorm Car Wreck

When inclement weather is cited as a contributing factor in a car wreck, it can be difficult for investigators to determine who is at fault. All of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident are collected before ultimate responsibility is placed. Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, a reasonable duty of care must be followed to ensure the safety of other people sharing the road, even in poor weather conditions. Louisiana drivers are required to turn their headlights on and also reduce their speed any time poor weather occurs while driving. A fatal car wreck has provided an unfortunate reminder of the care drivers must assume when driving in bad weather.

A 19-year-old Maringouin woman was traveling southbound on Highway 411 during a rainstorm when she lost control of her car. As she was rounding a curve south of Slacks Bridge, her vehicle crossed over the center line directly into the path of a northbound vehicle. The two cars collided, severely injuring the 19-year-old. She was later pronounced dead. The second driver was transported to a local hospital, suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

Both were wearing seat belts, and police do not believe that any type of impairment played a part in this car wreck.

Poor weather may have contributed to the accident but the injured party will likely wish to stay informed about the progress of the accident investigation. While all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this Louisiana car wreck are not entirely clear at this time, one person died and the other has been hospitalized. These tragedies show just how important safe and cautious driving is, especially when inclement weather strikes.