Louisiana Woman Killed in Pedestrian Vs. Motor Vehicle Accident

Pedestrians are often vulnerable when they have to share the roadway with vehicles. Even when a pedestrian stays out of the path of vehicles by walking along the edge of the road, a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accident can occur. This is what happened to one Louisiana woman on Nov. 8.

The woman was walking on the west edge of Highway 631 through St. Charles Parish. As the 32-year-old woman walked toward the intersection of that highway and Highway 52, the driver of a vehicle heading east on the same highway attempted to pass another vehicle. When the 50-year-old driver of that vehicle moved into the westbound lane to pass, he hit the woman.

The pedestrian suffered fatal injuries, and authorities pronounced her dead at the scene at approximately 6 p.m. Troopers from the Louisiana State Police are investigating the accident. As part of their investigation, they obtained a toxicology sample from the driver of the vehicle that hit the woman, and those results are pending. The reports did not indicate if troopers took the Texas driver into custody or if authorities anticipate filing charges against him.

As the investigation continues, the victim’s family has to deal with the fact that she was taken from them prematurely due to this tragic motor vehicle accident. As the family members grieve, they have the legal right to make a wrongful death claim against the driver deemed responsible for her death. Any financial relief they may be awarded from a successfully navigated legal claim could ease the monetary burdens that accompany such a tragedy.