Louisiana Truck Accident Claims the Life of an Infant

Until children reach a certain age, they rely on their parents for almost everything. Parents typically do what they can to keep their children safe, and that includes keeping them safe on the Louisiana roadways. However, even when a parent takes every precaution, the possibility of a car accident or truck accident still exists.

A Dodge Stratus containing two adults and two children was pulled over on the right shoulder of I-12 when tragedy struck recently. A delivery truck drifted off the road onto the same shoulder, causing the Freightliner to slam into the right rear of the Dodge. The impact sent the Dodge spinning across the roadway into the median.

According to the Louisiana State Police, the truck driver was not paying attention to the road when this truck drifted onto the shoulder. He has been charged with negligent homicide, among other things, due to the death of a 1-year-old that was in the Dodge at the time of the accident. A front seat passenger is in serious condition at North Oaks Medical Center. The driver and a 2-year-old boy suffered moderate injuries and were transported to St. Tammany Parish Hospital.

There are several potential legal actions as a result of this truck accident. The surviving family of the deceased baby retains the right to pursue a wrongful death action based on proof of negligence by any party deemed at fault for the tragedy. Further the three people injured in the crash also have the right to press forward with personal injury claims, again based upon evidence of negligence. If liability is established, claims for monetary damages will be considered.