Louisiana Teen Arrested for Fatal Accident Involving ATV

On Sunday, Nov. 3, five kids went for a ride on an ATV. Around 4:30 p.m., the ATV overturned as the driver attempted to turn left. Three of the five kids were thrown out of the ATV during the fatal accident.

One of the Louisiana teens fell part way out of the vehicle, and when it overturned, the teen was crushed underneath the vehicle and did not survive. Another teen suffered head trauma and was taken to a hospital, and his current condition was not reported. It is not known what injuries, if any, the other three occupants of the vehicle suffered.

The driver of the vehicle was only 13 years old and did not have a driver’s license. The ATV could also not be legally driven on city streets. The 45-year-old owner of the ATV was ticketed for allowing the teen to drive and contributing to his delinquency. The teen driver has been charged with unsafely operating a vehicle, reckless operation, negligent injury and negligent homicide.

Due to this fatal accident, the parents of the deceased teen will never have the chance to watch him grow. They certainly weren’t expecting to have to bury him or be prepared to pay for his funeral and burial. Under Louisiana law, the teen’s parents may seek financial remuneration for the loss of their son from the parents of the teen driver since he is a minor, as well as any separate owner of the ATV. The same applies to the seriously injured teen that suffered head injuries.