Louisiana State Police Investigate Deadly Car Wreck

Even experienced drivers in Louisiana need to pay attention to the road in order to minimize the possibility of causing an accident. When a driver fails to have complete control of the vehicle he or she is driving, a car wreck can occur. Young drivers in particular often lack the experience required to maintain control of a vehicle if they do not give the task 100 percent of their attention.

Louisiana State Police troopers are still investigating what caused a 16-year-old to lose control of his vehicle recently. As he headed north on a Louisiana road, he somehow ended up veering into the southbound lane directly into the path of another vehicle. The resulting head-on collision took the life of the southbound driver.

The teenage driver managed to escape the crash with only minor injuries. However, he could end up facing charges in connection with the death of the other driver, depending on the outcome of the Louisiana State Police investigation into the deadly incident. So far, authorities cited him with driving left of center, but that could change as the investigation progresses.

In the meantime, the family of the 34-year-old driver of the SUV the teen hit is forced to prematurely bury their loved one. As time goes on, the financial impact of his death may only add to the burdens placed on his family because of his untimely demise. Under state law, the family may file a wrongful death claim against the teen and the owner of the vehicle he was driving in an attempt to receive monetary restitution for those financial losses. An award for damages in a successfully litigated civil claim will not bring back their loved one or stem their grief, but it could reduce the stress placed on the family because of the car wreck.