Louisiana State Police Investigate Auto Accident

Many factors contribute to a driver losing control of his or her vehicle when other conditions, such as weather, are not a factor. Distracted driving, impairment and excessive speed seem to be three of the most often cited reasons. One of these factors may have caused a recent fatal auto accident on Louisiana 75.

Two men occupied the vehicle when the driver lost control for a yet unknown reason. The car ended up slamming into a utility pole. The passenger’s injuries were so severe that he died in the crash. The driver’s injuries were considered minor.

The investigation into this accident is still ongoing. The Louisiana State Patrol has not revealed what contributing factors may be at play in this crash. Ordinarily, an accident involving a fatality necessitates a toxicology test for the driver or drivers involved, and it may well be that such a sample was obtained in this crash. Once the investigation is complete and the results of any such toxicology test are received, a determination may be forthcoming regarding whether any criminal charges will be filed against the surviving driver.

The results of this investigation may also determine what evidence will be available to the family of the deceased passenger in a wrongful death claim filed in connection to this fatal auto accident. Sometimes, it is necessary to have an independent accident reconstruction done, but using the results of the official investigation may provide enough information to prove negligence on the part of the driver deemed responsible for an accident. If negligence is proved to the satisfaction of a Louisiana civil court, an award for damages may be considered.