Louisiana Man Killed in Single Auto Accident

The Louisiana State Police are trying to figure out what caused an accident that took the life of a Hammond man and injured three other people. The single auto accident happened near LA 445 on Interstate 12 about midnight in Tangipahoa Parish. For some as yet unknown reason, the vehicle left the road and crashed.

So far, the Louisiana State Police have been able to report that the vehicle was heading west on Interstate 12 and strayed off of the road. It then slammed into two trees. The driver and front seat passenger sustained only minor injuries. The fact that they escaped relatively unscathed has been attributed, at least in part, to the fact that they were wearing their seat belts. The passenger seated behind the driver was also properly restrained, but suffered moderate injuries nonetheless.

The passenger in the back right seat was not wearing a seat belt. As a result, he was thrown part way out of the vehicle during the crash. Unfortunately, the injuries he sustained were so severe that he did not survive the accident.

It is not yet known whether any criminal charges will be filed in connection with this auto accident. Authorities have indicated that impairment and speed were not factors in the crash. Regardless of whether there is any official action taken against the driver, the family of the deceased passenger and the injured passenger each has the right to file civil action against her. In accordance with our state laws, out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs and lost wages, among other things are recoverable in either a wrongful death action or a personal injury claim, as applicable.