Louisiana Man Killed in Multiple Car and Truck Accident

Interstate 12 East through southern Louisiana became the site of a fiery crash that took the life of one man recently. The truck accident ultimately involved three vehicles – a car, a van and an 18-wheeler. Police are still attempting to determine exactly what happened.

The Louisiana man that died in the 1 a.m. accident drove a Cadillac Seville and suffered such severe injuries that he did not survive long enough to be taken to a hospital. Instead, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Ford Econoline van contained at least four occupants that required medical attention for minor injuries. It is not known whether the driver of the 18-wheeler was injured.

The truck was hauling an empty box cargo trailer. For some reason, the tractor trailer caught on fire as the result of the accident. It was not reported if the fire contributed to the death of the driver of the car. The roadway was closed to traffic for more than seven hours following the accident.

As police sort out the details of the accident and attempt to determine who was ultimately responsible for this tragic truck accident, the family of the deceased man is forced to bury him prematurely. Should it turn out that another party is deemed responsible for the accident, his family has the right to pursue a wrongful death claim. If the family successfully documents that someone else negligently caused or contributed to his death, the court may award the costs and other damages sustained as the result of his death.