Louisiana Man Injured in Car Wreck Last August Finally Goes Home

It has been 11 long months since a former volunteer fire chief from Louisiana was seriously injured. After a car wreck last August that left him with several broken bones, he spent months in the hospital and a rehabilitation center before it was determined he was strong enough to undergo a hip replacement. The driver of the vehicle that slammed into his SUV was an on-duty sheriff’s deputy who died in the crash.

On that day, the deputy was in route to a call at a high rate of speed when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. The officer clipped that vehicle, but ended up in the opposing lane of traffic, where he hit the victim’s SUV head-on. The impact was hard enough that the sheriff’s patrol car pushed the SUV no less than 33 feet before both vehicles finally stopped moving.

Officials believe that the St. Charles Parish deputy was at fault for the collision. The Louisiana State Police concluded that he was driving recklessly and too fast, in violation of laws meant to curtail law enforcement officials from endangering the public as they respond to calls. It was also determined that the deputy failed to turn on his emergency lights until just under one second — .88 seconds — before impact.

Even though the victim was finally able to go home recently, he still has a long recovery ahead of him. Undoubtedly, he has incurred a considerable amount of medical bills and other costs that may place a significant financial burden on him and his family. He has filed a lawsuit against the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, seeking damages incurred because of the car wreck. At last report, that lawsuit was ongoing.