Louisiana Man Files Lawsuit After Workplace Injury

Back in February of this year, a construction worker was assigned to a project at a Louisiana hospital. While working at the site, he suffered a serious workplace injury. Recently, he filed a lawsuit against the construction company he was working for at the time he was injured.

While working in the engineering building at the job site, the injured man was tasked with pumping water from the tunnel. As he was doing so, he noticed an electrical cord on the ground. He picked it up and got shocked. According to court documents, he wasn’t sure he was being shocked at first, but knew that he was somehow unable to move.

He then reached out to steady himself and grabbed a ring near the entrance of the tunnel that was made of metal. His hands were allegedly burned when he grabbed the ring. He somehow managed to get outside where he ended up falling to the ground.

People rushed to help the man. His claims indicate that when his gloves were removed, his hands appeared to have “melted” and looked blackened. He was taken to the hospital and remained there while he recovered from his injuries.

Now, the man has accused the Louisiana construction company of not ensuring that any and all known hazards were removed from the work site prior to sending him into the tunnel. The cord was attached to a generator that the worker had not been given any training on, and he claims that his employer failed to warn him of the potential hazard that led to his workplace injury. If the court agrees with the man, then he may be awarded the damages he is seeking including but not limited to lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills associated with his injury.