Louisiana Man Arrested After Fleeing From Fatal Car Wreck

In the early morning hours of Nov. 24, the car that a woman and her young nephew were in broke down. The two exited the vehicle and walked along the shoulder of the Louisiana Interstate 10. As they were ascending a bridge on the west side of the Interstate, a pickup truck slammed into the back of another vehicle. That initial car wreck began a chain reaction that ultimately ended with the two pedestrians being struck.

The impact sent the two over the edge of the bridge to the ground below. No one is sure just how far the woman and her nephew fell, but the impact was enough to kill the woman at the scene. Her nephew survived the fall and was taken to a Louisiana hospital. Unfortunately, he later succumbed to his injuries. Other people involved in the chain reaction accident suffered non-life threatening injuries, but their current conditions are not known.

The driver of the pickup truck fled the scene before police arrived. Reports indicate that he did not realize that anyone was fatally injured because of the accident. Authorities have charged the driver of the pickup truck with hit-and-run and manslaughter. He was still in custody at last report, and his bail has been set at $210,000.

The family of the victims did not wish to comment on the situation. They are undoubtedly grieving for the sudden loss of not only one, but two of their family members. The little boy who died was just a 2-year-old, and his family will never get to see him grow up. Successfully navigated wrongful death claims against the party or parties responsible for this tragic car wreck may give the family some justice on behalf of the loved ones they lost, in addition to any financial redress a civil court may award for the damages incurred by the family.