Louisiana Family Mourns Death After Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

Even when a loved one dies of natural causes, it leaves a hole in the family’s life. Losing a loved one in an auto accident adds another dimension of grief since the loss is so sudden. One Louisiana family must deal with the sudden loss of a woman who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

The woman and her fiancé were leaving the Gueydan Duck Festival on foot when they were both struck by a car. Both victims were taken to a local Louisiana hospital. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the woman later died as a result of her injuries. Her fiancé is still in the hospital and has already had to undergo three separate surgeries to repair damage to his legs.

There is still no news of the vehicle that hit them. The woman’s fiancé is assuming that there should be significant damage to the vehicle after hitting two people. Authorities are asking for anyone to come forward who may have information about this tragic accident.

The family knows that finding the person who hit the woman and her fiancé won’t bring the woman back or heal her fiancé’s injuries, but it may provide them with a sense of closure. The family may want to be advised of their rights in connection with this auto accident so that when authorities find the driver, they have the information they need to file civil actions if they choose to do so. Any civil action they file may also be affected by the outcome of criminal charges, if any, and any conviction may be offered as evidence of liability in a related civil proceeding.