Lawsuit Filed After Forklife Vs Auto Accident

Car accidents can occur nearly anywhere — highways, city streets and even on the property of businesses. It may seem improbable that a serious accident could occur on a store’s property, but it does happen. A Louisiana man claims that he was seriously injured at a Louisiana U-Haul store by one of its employees in a forklift vs. auto accident.

According to documents filed in Louisiana’s 24th Judicial District Court, the man was in his vehicle at the U-Haul location on Sept. 30, 2014. One of the location’s employees was operating a forklift at the same time. The forklift rammed into the back of the man’s vehicle, which caused the victim to suffer head and neck injuries that have proved to be debilitating.

The forklift driver is accused of being reckless and creating an unnecessary hazard by driving too fast. The U-Haul employee is also accused of failing to prevent the collision and warn the victim of the impending crash. The man further claims that the driver’s negligence caused his disability and disfigurement. He claims to have suffered emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering. He suffered financial losses due to medical expenses and lost income.

It will be up to the court to determine whether the forklift driver was negligent in this auto accident, based upon the evidence presented. If the court rules that he was, then it will adjudicate the victim’s claims for specific items of damages. The driver’s employer may also face claims for any damages since the accident apparently occurred during the performance of his duties.