Lawsuit Filed After Car Wreck Involving Louisiana Deputy Sherriff

State, local and parish law enforcement officials are all required to follow the traffic laws just as anyone else on the road, with notable exceptions, during the course of their duties. Officers who fail to obey the same rules of the road as other drivers can become involved in accidents. A Louisiana woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a deputy sheriff and the department he works for, claiming that he caused the car wreck in which she was injured.

The details regarding the crash were not reported except to say that the deputy sheriff’s cruiser collided with the woman’s vehicle. According to the woman, she suffered injuries to her neck and back, among other injuries. She accuses the deputy of failing to maintain control of his vehicle, to properly brake and to yield the right-of-way to her.

She is seeking damages for the medical expenses she incurred and the wages she lost and/or is losing during her recovery. In addition, she is asking the court for damages relating to her pain and suffering, mental anguish and for emotional trauma. It will be up to a Louisiana court to determine whether she should receive an award of all or some of the damages requested in her lawsuit.

Should the court determine that the deputy was negligent and caused the injuries suffered by the woman, an award will be considered by the court. Even though the deputy was the driver involved in the car wreck, if it is shown that it occurred during the performance of his duties, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office may also be held liable for damages incurred. A judgment will then be entered against the party or parties deemed responsible.