Lake Charles 6-Vehicle Accident Injures 9

Car accidents plague rush hour traffic around the country, and Louisiana is no exception. On June 6, a motor vehicle accident involving six cars delayed traffic on Interstate 210. Authorities cleared the highway and got traffic moving again despite the number of injuries and vehicles involved.

Nine people were injured in this chain-reaction car wreck. The vehicles included three 18-wheelers and three passenger cars. All nine were taken to the hospital, though none of the injuries was initially considered life-threatening.

Authorities reported that traffic was at a standstill when five of the six vehicles came to a stop. The sixth vehicle failed to stop, starting the chain-reaction mayhem. When all was said and done, all six vehicles were involved in the wreck.

We often become so comfortable on our commute to work each day that our attention can easily wander while driving. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that traffic can change from moment to moment, and we always need to remain attentive while driving. Unfortunately, accidents like this do happen. People’s lives are interrupted, medical bills need to be paid and cars need to be repaired.

Determining which driver pays for what damages in a chain-reaction accident can be tricky. Anyone involved in a multiple-vehicle accident like this one may wish to make sure of their rights and responsibilities under Louisiana law. This may include a personal injury claim for medical bills and other damages suffered due to the negligence of other parties.

Luckily, no one involved in this motor vehicle accident in Lake Charles was fatally injured. Hopefully, everyone will be able to return to normal life as quickly as possible without any serious or lingering repercussions. As for liability, the Louisiana state courts may end up sorting that out in the absence of a property and injury settlement between the parties.