Impairment Not Suspected in Fatal Accident Involving 2 Vehicles

Normal procedure in any accident in Louisiana in which there is a fatality is to determine whether either driver was impaired. This is a necessary part of the investigation into any fatal accident that takes place here in the state. Sadly, even if neither driver was intoxicated or using drugs at the time of the crash, it does not change the fact that someone lost his or her life.

Impairment was dismissed as a factor in a recent crash involving a car and a motorcycle. According to the Louisiana State Police, the 38-year-old driver suspected of being at fault voluntarily took a breath test, which indicated that he had not been drinking. Therefore, troopers are still attempting to ascertain what led to the crash that killed the motorcycle rider.

Preliminary reports indicate that the motorcycle rider was traveling east on Airline Highway in St. Charles Parish. As the 47-year-old man approached an intersection, the car pulled out into his path. The rider laid down the motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a collision.

Instead, he and his bike crashed into the driver’s side of the car. His helmet was not nearly enough to save his life — he died at the scene. The driver of the car did not suffer any injuries.

Even though the car driver was not impaired, his actions may still be ruled as negligent by a civil court in any wrongful death claim filed by the family of the motorcycle rider. Successfully proving that their loved one’s death was due to the negligence of another could result in an award of monetary damages. No amount of money will erase the results of this fatal accident, but it may help the family deal with the financial burdens it created.