Fatal Pedestrian Accident Mars Family’s Thanksgiving

A tragedy on Thanksgiving day has most likely changed how one Louisiana family will view the holiday forever. A fatal pedestrian accident took the life of a woman that day. Police are still searching for the vehicle and driver responsible.

Troopers with the Louisiana State Police say that it was approximately 2 a.m. when a friend dropped the woman off in front of her home. It was then that a vehicle that failed to remain at the scene struck her. Her mother reportedly believes the woman was hit more than once. Emergency responders transported her to an area hospital. Sadly, her injuries were too severe, and medical personnel were unable to save her life.

The next day, troopers returned to the scene to see if they could find any evidence there and talk to residents who might be able to provide clues to the vehicle that had struck and killed the mother of two little girls. Her death has rekindled a concern that something needs to be done about the traffic in this particular neighborhood. A resident reported that speeding cars are a problem for the area. Authorities are awaiting the results of a toxicology sample taken from the woman as part of their investigation. No information was provided as to whether the woman was struck by more than one vehicle, or if any evidence that could lead to the vehicle and its driver was found.

While her family waits for police to locate the negligent party or parties found to be responsible for this fatal pedestrian accident, they must bury their loved one. Once the responsible is found, her family may file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages permitted by state law. If they prevail in proving negligence, any monetary restitution received could help provide for the two girls the victim left behind.