Fatal Auto Accident End the Life of Louisiana Man

When a passenger gets into a vehicle, he or she is trusting the driver to pay attention and get him or her safely to the group’s destination. When a driver fails to exercise the due care owed to his or her passengers and other people on the road, people can suffer serious or fatal injuries. A recent fatal auto accident involving a pickup truck and an 18-wheeler here in Louisiana was possibly caused by a driver failing to pay adequate attention to the road.

The driver and a passenger occupied the pickup truck. At the intersection of Louisiana Highway 1057 and Louisiana Highway 1061, the pickup truck initiated a left turn. Unfortunately, the 29-year-old driver of the truck may have failed to yield to a tractor-trailer when he turned. The semi-truck then slammed into the smaller vehicle.

It took several hundred feet for the vehicles to come to a stop. The passenger in the truck suffered fatal injuries in the crash, and the driver’s injuries were said to be moderate. The semi-truck driver was not injured.

It is not yet known whether any charges will be filed in this fatal auto accident. Regardless, the family of the deceased victim already knows they will never again see their loved one alive. As the family deals with its grief, they may also turn their attention to the fact that they retain the right to file a wrongful death claim against both drivers. Liability may be attributed to one or more parties deemed to have either caused or contributed to a person’s death. In this case, that could include the driver of the pickup truck, the driver of the semi-truck and possibly that driver’s employer through the legal theory of respondeat superior.