Fatal Accident on I-10 Eastbound End the Life of a Louisiana Woman

A woman who championed the efforts of Louisiana law enforcement officers recently died in a crash on Interstate 10. The organization she founded, Louisiana Law Enforcement Support, started a fund to help her family. The fatal accident that took her life remains under investigation, and charges are pending against the party believed to be responsible.

Preliminary reports regarding the crash show that traffic on the eastbound side of the Interstate near mile marker 134 had come to a stop due to an accident up ahead. A truck traveling in the right lane failed to slow as it approached the stopped traffic. The driver veered into the left lane to avoid hitting another vehicle. Unfortunately, the truck rammed into the back of the vehicle driven by the 33-year-old woman.

The devastation did not stop there. The truck pushed the car into another vehicle. That vehicle then hit a vehicle in the right lane while the truck continued to push the car into a semi-truck.

The woman died at the scene. The 33-year-old driver of the first vehicle struck by the victim’s car was pushed into suffered minor injuries. The 57-year-old driver from Texas that police believe initiated the crash only suffered minor injuries as well.

Regardless of what criminal charges may be filed, if any, the family of the victim retains the right to file a wrongful death claim to pursue restitution for their financial losses. Proving negligence in a civil lawsuit does not require that the same high level or proof required in a criminal proceeding. Rather, the measure of proof is referred to as a preponderance of the evidence. If a Louisiana civil court judge determines that the negligence of another caused the fatal accident that stole the victim from her family, monetary damages could be awarded.