Fatal Accident Deaths Lead to Charges for 3 Drivers

Any time an individual gets into a vehicle driven by someone else, he or she puts his or her life in that driver’s hands. The obvious expectation is that the driver takes that responsibility seriously and exercises the appropriate amounts of caution and attention while on the road. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and a fatal accident could be the result. A Calcasieu Parish Grand Jury agreed that three drivers in three separate accidents breached their duty as drivers, resulting in several deaths.

In the first crash, a driver lost control of her vehicle back in Oct. 2012. The vehicle ended up slamming into a tree. Her passenger was killed.

The second accident occurred in Feb. 2013 on La. 14, not far from the exit leading to Interstate 210. A then 20-year-old passenger and 24-year-old passenger both suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The 19-year-old driver suffered serious injuries but survived.

The final crash happened in March 2013. The man behind the wheel of the car sideswiped another vehicle. That contact caused the driver to lose control and slam into a guardrail. The man’s passenger was thrown out of the vehicle during the crash. She did not survive long enough to receive medical attention.

In all three cases, family members of the deceased victims retain the right to file wrongful death claims in a Calcasieu Parish civil court against the respective drivers believed to have caused these fatal accident deaths. Doing so could never give back a victim to his or her family. However, it could help that family obtain some financial restitution for the damages typically associated with sudden deaths for which no family can adequately prepare.