Fatal Accident Blamed on Drunk Driving — 7-Year-Old Killed

Recently, police were called to the scene of an accident involving a 7-year-old girl. She was struck by a vehicle driven by a Louisiana man suspected of driving under the influence. The girl initially survived the ordeal but later succumbed to her injuries. The fatal accident occurred in Shreveport shortly after 2 p.m. on the last day of January.

Apparently, the little girl was on her bicycle, waiting for traffic to clear so that she could cross the street. A vehicle driven by a 46-year-old man careened off the road, struck a light pole and flipped over. The out-of-control vehicle struck the victim.

It was determined that the girl suffered severe injuries. She was rushed to a hospital. Investigators were quickly dispatched to begin interviewing potential witnesses, gather evidence and take measurements.

With the information gathered at the scene, the driver was arrested. Among other things, he was originally booked on a charge of vehicular negligent injury in the first degree. However, that charge has since been upgraded to vehicular homicide in the first degree because just days after the accident, the girl passed away.

Along with the criminal charges he faces, he might face a wrongful death claim from the victim’s family. Any conviction secured by Louisiana prosecutors in connection with this fatal accident could be offered as evidence as the family seeks to document before a civil court that she died as a result of the man’s negligence. An award of damages could be ordered by the court if it is satisfied that the driver was negligent in causing or materially contributing to the fatal accident.