EMT Suffers Fatal Workplace Injury

For example, an EMT found himself at the West Jefferson Medical Services Headquarters on a recent Wednesday, with his partner and a mechanic, due to an unidentified issue with the ambulance. The ambulance was up on a lift, and at approximately 5:30 p.m.. The lift malfunctioned, causing the ambulance to come crashing down.

Unfortunately, the ambulance came down on top of the EMT. After the 44-year-old man was freed from under the heavy vehicle, he was rushed to a hospital in the area. Despite the efforts of medical personnel at West Jefferson Medical General Hospital, the man did not survive the injuries he suffered in the accident. The incident, which is being classified as an industrial accident, was still under investigation at last report.

Because this appears to have been a workplace injury, the victim’s surviving family members are likely eligible for benefits from the Louisiana workers’ compensation system. Any benefits received could help with the costs associated with his funeral and burial, along with the loss of the victim’s income. The system can be frustrating and challenging to navigate unless an individual is familiar with it. Therefore, it would be beneficial for this man’s surviving family members to enlist the advice and assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney to help ensure that they receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled.