Driver’s Estate Could Be Held Liable in Louisiana Car Wreck

Anytime passengers get into a car, they are entrusting their lives to the driver. There is an unspoken trust that the driver won’t be the cause of a car wreck. For some passengers, that trust is misplaced if a driver is speeding or is impaired when he or she gets behind the wheel of the car. As a result, thousands of passengers nationwide and in Louisiana are injured or killed each year.

On Oct. 12, a passenger was seriously injured in a single car accident. The driver somehow lost control of the vehicle, causing it to fly into a fence and utility pole. The passenger had to be taken to an area hospital with unknown injuries. The only information regarding the passenger’s condition at the time of the accident is that the injuries were serious, but there is no information on her current condition.

The driver sustained severe injuries in the crash and did not survive. Police believe that the man, who had recently relocated to Louisiana from Florida, may have been speeding and impaired. Luckily, there were no other vehicles involved in the accident.

The passenger may be facing a lengthy recovery process, depending on the nature of the injuries she sustained in the car wreck. Medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering can all be part of the aftermath of such a tragedy. Successfully litigating a claim against the estate of the driver may give the passenger the monetary reimbursement she needs in order to recoup the financial losses she is incurring and may incur in the future.