Driver in Fatal Accident in Louisiana Charged

Despite the amount of evidence and public service announcements regarding the dangers of drinking and driving, people continue to get behind the wheel of their car after consuming too much alcohol. When doing so, drunk drivers put their lives at risk as well as the lives of everyone around them. There is no guarantee that a fatal accident will not result when an individual chooses to drive after consuming alcohol.

Louisiana State Police now believe that an impaired driver caused a recent accident. Authorities charged that driver with vehicular homicide, DUI and other crimes after the death of the driver of another vehicle that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The accused driver slammed head-on into the victim’s vehicle, killing the other driver and injuring himself and his passenger.

The two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on Louisiana 25 when the accused man suddenly swerved into the path of the oncoming vehicle. The unsuspecting driver was unable to avoid the collision and did not survive the crash. The current conditions of the man police say was impaired and his passenger are currently unknown.

Depending on the outcome of the criminal proceedings, the family of the deceased — as well as the injured passenger — may be able to use any conviction that is obtained in criminal court as evidence in a civil action filed in connection with this fatal accident. In order to prevail in a wrongful death or personal injury claim, the plaintiffs must prove negligence of the part of another party that is found to have caused or contributed to the car accident. If the party or parties deemed responsible are found negligent, the court will proceed to consider claims for specific items of financial losses such as medical costs, funeral and burial expenses and other damages recognized by our laws.