Driver in 2-auto Accident Files Lawsuit for Personal Injury

Here in Louisiana and around the country, a lot of attention is paid to driving under the influence and texting while driving. However, tired drivers can pose just as much danger to themselves and those around them. The more tired a driver is behind the wheel, the greater the likelihood that an auto accident could occur.

A man who was involved in a two-car accident in June 2014 claims that the driver of the other vehicle was fatigued when it occurred. Documents recently filed in a Louisiana federal court indicate that as the plaintiff headed west on U.S. 190, another vehicle made a right hand turn and slammed into his car. The victim was tossed around the cabin of his car, which caused him to suffer injuries.

The lawsuit claims that the other driver failed to pay attention to the traffic pattern before attempting to make the turn. Moreover, he failed to yield the right-of-way to the victim and made an improper turn across the lane of travel. The victim says that the injuries he suffered left him disabled. He has incurred, and most likely will continue to incur, medical expenses. He also lost income, at least some of his ability to enjoy and function in his day-to-day life.

These and other damages are allowable under state law. They may be awarded if it is proved that the injuries suffered were caused by the negligence of another. A monetary judgment could provide the restitution needed in order to alleviate at least some of the financial burdens that arise in the aftermath of an auto accident.